A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are generally known as recombinant DNA technology. With recombinant DNA technology, DNA molecules from different sources are combined in vitro into one molecule to create a new gene. This DNA is then transferred into an organism and causes the expression of modified or novel traits.

Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods produced from GMO that have had their DNA altered through genetic engineering. GM foods were first put on the market in the early 1990s. The most common modified foods are derived from plants: soybean, corn, canola cotton seed oil and wheat.


The Unhealthy Bran Muffin  

Ask almost anyone and they'll more than likely tell you that a bran muffin is considered a healthy food. That's great news for those of us who are staying in shape and keeping our bodies healthy, right? Not if they're purchased from your favorite food store or fast food restaurant.

You see, most manufacturers want you to believe that their muffins are healthy even when they're really not and so do many fast food places. They know about the health craze, but they also know that bland doesn't sell. So, just because there's a healthy word in the title doesn't mean it's healthy for our bodies.

Most muffins are loaded with all sorts of unhealthy ingredients and can be extremely high in fat and calories. They're also high in fat, which makes you a target for everything from heart disease to high blood pressure and diabetes.

So every time you reach for one of those bad boys, you're submitting yourself to processed ingredients like sugar, flour, saturated oils, corn syrup, preservatives and other unnatural additives.

You already know what sugar can do to a body, but did you know that corn syrup could be even worse. While corn syrup may seem innocent enough since it's processed from corn, it's actually a genetically modified food. It's been linked to anemia, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Preservatives are loved by the food industry. They're what allow manufacturers to keep a food product on the shelf for months at a time. In reality foods such as muffins begin to go bad after a few days when they're made from Mother Nature. That's because they're not pumped full of chemicals that alter the foods so that they practically last forever.

Preservatives were something Mother Nature never intended for man to create, but they did it anyway. As a result of this chemically created process, studies have shown an increased risk of ADD & ADHD symptoms. And if that's not enough to scare you, some preservatives that are used in our foods can actually cause a deadly allergic reaction.

So how do we know our favorite bran muffin is healthy? We don't unless we're willing to make them from scratch. Mother Nature is best, so why are we still choosing something that isn't even real?

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